Testimonials from Past Clients

Bill Davis assisted my wife and I in finding a home in Hamilton County. Bill stood out to us on a number of counts. Bill originally took the time to learn and understand what we wanted in our next home. This allowed him to help keep us on track during the many homes we looked at. Bill’s sole interest was to make certain the homes he showed us met our original criteria versus our emotions overriding and making concessions (excuses) in areas of certain homes we may have regretted later on. Bill reminded us of an experienced home inspector. Immediately upon entering a home, he allowed us to have our time while looking over a residence while he set out to examine the property looking for issues and whether it met our criteria. This extra set of eyes and having our back became way more valuable than simply a realtor leading us through each room of a home and then readying to write an offer. Bill works hard for his money. We will include him in our next purchase.

Mark & Dorothy Walker

Noblesville, IN